Term Descriptions of Services

Term Descriptions of Services

The Term Descriptions of Services apply to both
The Creatives Daily and The Creatives Daily Presents.

Due to the nature of both websites space is limited and therefore not always available. I have designed these websites to create an outlet for all creatives and artists who wish to show their work, services, and promotions locally and internationally. I have the right to change and add to these terms as these websites grow. I intend to create and improve features to The Creatives Daily Presents to help artists promote their work in a new way.  It’s not possible to guarantee that your work will sell once visitors see your work, this is solely based on the collector, buyer, service needed, and/or pricing which is beyond my control.

These terms include all marketing efforts that I do to promote all artists who are members of The Creatives Daily & The Creatives Daily Presents. Once a member is inducted to The Creators Central otherwise known as the “Hall Of Fame” they receive a permanent position in the archives as long as this website stays in positive funded standing.

At this time dated 12/31/2020 The Creatives Daily & The Creatives Daily Presents is not a non-profit organization and all funds paid are NOT tax deductable however they can be construed as a business expense but please check with your accountant first as the laws vary in different situations.

These websites are not funded by affiliate marketing, sale pages, or ads-links, spy ware, ad tracking bots, or third-party tracking cookies to the best of my knowledge except what is necessary for this site’s end-user experience. The simple facts are in my opinion these types of ads reduce the quality of the kind of web traffic that I have designed these websites for.
I also include Artistic Created Websites in this circle of three that I have built in order to
help those artists with designing, managing, and marketing their own websites.

Sponsorships will be considered if and when that opportunity arises. There are many organizations, companies, galleries, and private donors who may feel that they would like to contribute and help fund the purpose of these websites that I have created but until then the costs and expenses to keep this endeavor going are unavoidable. I have expenses and bills to pay like everyone else however I do accept and will publish artists and creatives who have a track record of their struggle via way of a sponsorship/endorsement with the help of those who have become members of

The Creatives Daily Presents Creators Central “Hall Of Fame”
or from an entity involved with the advancement of the arts.

I will announce the sponsorships and endorsement programs in detail very soon.

  1. Headlines;
    The headline is the main article at the top of each issue of The Creatives Daily and The Creatives Daily Presents websites. Each headline feature will have an image included in the header which is the most prominent space available for both websites. Each headlined artist will have information about them with a link to their website. What happens next is after the next day’s issue is published your headline issue gets archived which becomes permanent on the internet as long as The Creatives Daily exists.
    After the issue becomes archived it’s then posted to 20 to 30 groups in combination to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn plus to whatever groups you want to share it with yourself or others.
    To give you an example of how effective this can be I once headlined an artist that many of you know who are in my social circles that on the first day of posting his headline in April of 2020 it received 635 clicks on the first day and is still getting clicks to this day.
    Why? because the image of his work was compelling enough to make the viewer respond immediately to see more and of course was not disappointed. Those few views turned into hundreds as the post was shared from one to another. The beauty of it is this post will always be on the internet because it is archived and now part of internet history.
  2. Feature;
    A feature is an article anywhere on the front page of The Creatives Daily & The Creatives Daily Presents websites. I have the right at my discretion of what position and where on the front page the feature may appear and for how many days whether the article is a paid or nonpaid article. Each feature has an excerpt of your listing with a  link (call to action) to the artists’ website, landing page, gallery, portfolio, business, and a share button to top social media platforms.
  3. Creators Central;
    Creators Central is where all creatives can submit an article of at least 600 words or more about their work accomplishments. awards, recent gallery listings, or anything of interest. This can include links to their social media platform profiles, websites, galleries. If you don’t have a gallery and/or a website I will be willing to discuss some options with you as I also build and host websites for artists and creative businesses as well. These articles otherwise known as a blog post becomes a pinnacle point of The Creatives Daily Presents website. These articles are to be written with content that does not exist anywhere else on the internet and may not to be “copied and pasted” from existing bios or artists’ statements. It is important that it not be what’s called “like-kind content” in accordance with the search engine algorithms. If it is then most likely it will be omitted from the SERP (search engine result pages) which would defeat the purpose of The Creatives Daily Presents and could affect the website as a whole. 600 words are what is a standard for indexable content in the search engines however if you are struggling to reach that goal that’s understandable and will still be acceptable. You can always add to the article simply by emailing the additional information. The beauty of this type of format is that it keeps search engines on their toes because every time a change is made or content is added it just moves you closer to the top in the SERPs.
  4. Banners;
    Banners are the areas that are strategically placed throughout both The Creatives Daily and The Creatives Daily Presents for the purpose of creating a “call to action”. This usually contains an image or a graphic with an eye-catching phrase, title, keyword to entice the viewer to click on the button or link. There are several pages where these banners live that can be just as effective with the right kind of content, any page will encourage viewers to read more articles. Each page has been titled in relationship to commonly searched keywords and attracts a more focused audience that may be searching for
    Featured, Creators,  Arts & Crafts, Photo/Video, Business, Leisure,  on The Creatives Daily.

    The Creatives Daily Presents pages, categories, and tags which are even more precise. Banners produce the most CTR (click-through rates) with the right CTA (call to action) actionable graphics, short text or image.
    Rules for Banners are they can not be misleading for instance they must be relative to the content that is being published on the papers’ websites. For instance, a graphic or image can not be of a painting by Van Gogh and then linked to your website. All work must be your own and no illegal use of copyrighted material. I mean what’s the point? It’s your work you want to sell. If you need my help with creating a banner, listing, endorsement, or whatever the case maybe I can help you if not with my own experience and knowledge then I can at least put you in contact with a few of my resources who can.
  5. Listings;
    Listings can be anything that endorses you or your event, openings, gallery showings, announcements, upcoming endeavors, engagements, etc. This category is pretty wide open and the more you do it the better you reap the benefits. The reason is that because each one that you do the more archival link juice you will have pointing to your website and/or place of business whether it’s online or an offline brick and mortar location.
    Listings can also be headlined (see #1) for a day or two and can be a featured article for up to 30 days prior to the scheduled date. Remember that when you have this featured listing that it gets shared along with whatever other headlined endorsements that get published that day but also posted to 20 to 30 social media groups with that day’s scheduled headlined artist. Like I said these sites are designed to work for everyone and the more participation the better for everyone.

I will be updating this page regularly and will be announcing new features. I have plans to add galleries, portfolio, and artist services pages and plans to incorporate video interview services to add to the individual profiles once we get going. So be sure to check back often and sign up for the newsletter.

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