Why The Creatives Daily

Why The Creatives Daily Presents?

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Why The Creatives Daily?

In today’s world, it has become more difficult for everyone but for the self-employed creative artists, it has been especially tough. As a lifelong artist myself I know the struggles and the many crossroads that we all face when trying to make a presence in the art world.

I put this website together to hopefully increase the chances for the new, undiscovered, and even the renowned artists of the world and put them at the same level of a rather harsh and tough playing field.

“The Details”

How does this work?

Like the old adage “It’s All In The Details” I will break it down here;

First off I have to make this clear is that there are costs to what I do and I have to make sure those costs are paid to keep this website and others up and running as it’s all relative to my purpose. So with that out of the way, I’ll start with what each option entails

  1. The Creatives Daily; (and two others) is an online newspaper which I have had for 7 years. It is a daily online newspaper that’s posted to the three major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is a stand-alone publication of shared articles from individuals and news agencies from around the world.
  2. The Creatives Daily Presents; is a sister website of The Creatives Daily that I developed to promote the arts and creative businesses with a website listing as a way to expanding their brand awareness on the internet and the World Wide Web.
    By headlining these talented artists that I either know, discovered, or have been introduced by others to give tribute for the incredible work that each artist/business provides to the world every day.
  3.  Creators Central; also known as “Hall Of Fame” is a listing of these creatives that I have “headlined” on The Creatives Daily. Each listing gives the artist an opportunity to have a permanent place in the archives of The Creatives Daily Presents with links to their websites, social media profiles, portfolio’s and soon to be their own gallery page.
  4. Profile Page/Artists Statement; is a page where each artist I publish as a “Headlined Artist” gets a chance to tell the world about themself. I require the article to be at least 600 words or more focused on the uniqueness of their trade and /or profession. This does not mean copying and pasting from an already existing bio or artist’s statement. This content must be original and not exist anywhere on the internet for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Content that is copied from one website to another is known as “like-kind content” and will have an adverse effect on this websites page rank.
  5. Headlines; is the position in The Creatives Daily as the first article seen with a banner image at the header similar to the Facebook page. As part of the artist’s listing, you will be headlined for 2 days to help boost the announcement of your new listing when posted to the three major social media platforms.
  6. Feature; can be any position on the front page of The Creatives Daily with a link to your existing sources such as website, gallery opening, event, anything that would help attract buyers, collectors, or services.
  7. Listings; are for events, gallery openings, announcements, new creative services, and more…

in regards to things that I am adding to promote creative businesses and artists with each improvement, there is of course another cost. And of course, that increases the pricing of each feature however, if you have already been added to the Creators Central Hall Of Fame then this would not affect what you already have so it’s a good thing to get in early as I plan on adding more features.

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