Chris Burke aka Mr. Faux

The Creatives Daily Presents Artisans at Mr. Faux Studios of Sterling Virginia

Chris Burke aka Mr. Faux

Decorative Artist
Chris Burke aka Mr. Faux

The Creatives Daily Presents Decorative Artist Chris & Dana Burke aka Mr. & Mrs. Faux
Decorative Artist Chris & Dana Burke aka Mr. & Mrs. Faux

This Virginia/Washington D.C. based
husband and wife team is something that doesn’t fall short of incredible.

Decorative Artist Chris Burke aka Mr. Faux

is an entrepreneur based in Sterling, Virginia that is well known for his custom-designed Faux Finishes, Decorative Plasters, and his
Painted Cabinetry division that is run by Mrs. Faux Dana Burke.
It’s amazing how they find time to do it all.

Chris Burke (Mr. Faux) is the head of operations and quality control in the field and makes sure that everything stays on schedule even during these times of uncertainty during the pandemic.
I think if you visit his website and read the reviews that you would be as impressed as I was.

Mr. Faux has been featured more than once but most recently in
The Creatives Daily Dec. 18th, 2020 edition
and for good reason.

It seems that this couple is non-stop when it comes to providing a service that is second to none.

Dana Burke aka Mrs. Faux
takes care of
color consultations and estimating in
The Painted Cabinetry Division

and holds true to their motto that most types of cabinetry can be painted

For 1/3 of refacing!  


The Creatives Daily Presents Mr Faux Glazed Cabinetry McLean, Virginia
Mr. Faux Glazed Cabinetry McLean, Virginia

Kitchen Cabinetry, Home office libraries, including Master Bath Cabinetry can be painted without the mess or the costs of having to
reface your existing dated cabinet work.

Chris Burke’s extensive training started with his father as a young man so his skills have been passed down from generations with the mindset of everything must be done the old way which is the right way. These same techniques have been used for generations and why Mr. Faux’s Painted Cabinetry will last year in and year out.

With Chris Burke’s artistic talents
Mr. Faux can provide custom glazing, wood graining, gold leaf applications not only to painted cabinetry but also to the entire home or office.

So when you look at the 30 plus years of his experience in the painting industry it goes much further than that when you think of what has been passed down to him from his father and these days that’s a trait that you will find hard to match as it seems that the true artisans and craftsman are harder to find and becoming a dying breed of the true trades and craftsman.

But this is not where the talents of Chris Burke and Mr. Faux ends.
Oh no, not in the least.

You see Decorative Artist Chris Burke’s ongoing training continues and extends Nationally and even Internationally and advances his skill set. Faux Finishing is only part of it. His knowledge and expertise extend into the art of installing imported decorative Italian plasters, including many types of textured designs for both home and commercial properties. You see Mr. Burke also has a number of other skilled artisans that he can call upon for the larger projects which require skilled artisans to apply these unique plaster and decorative faux finishes such as with the interior design headed by

Myron Wolman at St. Regis in Washington DC