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Webinars for Artists & Creators is a collaboration of artists, marketers, and creators that get together for brainstorming events. 

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Previous artists summit Aug 2021 with
Mari-Lyn Harris of Heart@Work

 In 2012, artist Arthur Morehead created a way to bring artists to the forefront with an online medium called The Creatives Daily. As a lifelong artist himself, he has lived and experienced the pain of climbing the ladder of success and making a living from what you were born to do. After two successful businesses and now at 60 years young he has decided to bring his knowledge to the live streaming and webinar platform. With other known artists and professional marketers he plans to bring this knowledge to all artists who are struggling today. Arthur Morehead has helped artists for many years and now wants to help you better understand the main benefits of learning how to brand yourself online. Meet future lecturers and talk with others who have become experienced marketers. 

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