Public Artist William Cochran

Artist William Cochran

Public Artist William Cochran

Artist William Cochran
The Community Bridge 

Artist William Cochran
Artist William Cochran The Community Bridge

I have met many artists/instructors throughout my life but

Artist William Cochran

is one of the most inspirational artists I have ever had
the privilege of meeting and is the focus of

The Creatives Daily Presents.

I first learned of this amazing artist and his wife Teresa Cochran while attending a class with another inspirational artist

Sheri Hoeger

who was teaching a class at

Donna Phelps
Sarasota School of Decorative Arts

I headlined Artist William Cochran in

The Creatives Daily on 8/19/2020

and the response was incredible.
Artist William Cochran‘s work is in place in many areas of Fredrick Maryland

so if you happen to be passing by one day make sure to stop in prk and take a walk downtown, grab a bite to eat and you never know you may run into the artist and his wife Teresa Cochran planning another project. If you don’t, not to worry as you will find more of his public work such as

“The Dreaming”  


Since my writing is not the best I want to quote this very well written article about The Community Bridge I found on the website

In early 1993, artist William Cochran proposed the bridge project because of the structure�s strategic location at the urban center of the long-planned Carroll Creek Park, Frederick’s key economic development project. This linear park site is positioned along the symbolic racial and economic dividing line in the city. The park plan was stalled by controversy and disagreement until the bridge project engaged the participation of the community to build a symbol of common ground. It became a catalyst for revitalization and a symbol of connection and the spirit of community.

There is much more to this article that I would recommend reading on



To watch the recorded video presentation that William Cochran had received a standing ovation for you can see it on my website

Trompe Loeil Inspiration William Cochran, Community Bridge – Art-Faux Wall Designs

I hope you found this as a well-deserved entry into my Hall of Fame as I like to call it and I would encourage you to please visit these websites and show some support by leaving a comment below.

If you have a story and/or a creative person, business, and/or event you would like to tell everyone about don’t hesitate to contact me.

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