Terry Leigh Britton

Musician Terry Leigh Britton

Terry Leigh Britton

Keyboard Musician
Terry Leigh Britton

Is an extraordinarily talented musician that caught my ears and eyes a number of years ago and someone who I felt should be published in

the 5/1/2020 edition of The Creatives Daily

Musician Terry Leigh Britton
Keyboard Artist Terry Leigh Britton


Terry Leigh is a master keyboardist
You must listen to this at

I have followed this talented master of the keyboard for a number of years.
With 5 to 6 encircled around him, you could say that he has mastered the art.

Terry is one of the best keyboard artists
that I have had the honor fo talk with

His knowledge of creating and recording music is not all of the creativeness that he has to offer. He also has video instructions on YouTube for those who would want to learn his techniques and extensive knowledge of recording and editing software such as Voice Meter, Audacity, and video recording software such as OBS

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