Fine Artist Jeff Raum

Jeff Raum Murals

Fine Artist Jeff Raum

Muralist Jeff Raum

Muralist Jeff Raum
Jupiter and Hera by Muralist Jeff Raum

Muralist Jeff Raum

Is on my list of one of the best in my opinion
He is best known for both his fine art in portraiture as well as his mural work

Featured in
The Creatives Daily on 4/18/2020

I couldn’t wait to share the artists work with all of you

Some Highlights of 2020 Projects

Working in the decorative arts for over 30 years, Jeff Raum has seen trends come and go. He enjoys being asked to create in different styles and is constantly learning new techniques and products to make his clients’ vision come to life.

2020 was Jeff’s busiest year ever!
He was thrilled to be able to employ some of his artist friends and work as a team to handle the workload.

Here are a few of his highlights;

¬†Painted nine panels on material that was installed on a ceiling in a “California-style” house.
The beams were also stenciled before they were put up.
More and more, Jeff is painting on material and then installed on-site.
This has several advantages;
One is that he can work comfortably in his studio resulting in higher quality work.
Two, if the clients move, they can take the artwork with them.
Three, rather than have the artist on-site for days or weeks,
the installer can usually put the work up in a day –

instant gratification!


The Creatives Daily Presents artist Jeff Raum stenciled beams and ceiling art
Decorative artist Jeff Raum stenciled beams and ceiling


 Tuscany is still the number one theme artist Jeff Raum is asked to paint,

so it was just a matter of time before he was asked to paint an entire room.
This dining room (which once belonged to Mel Gibson) was transformed into a patio overlooking Tuscany.
The main wall was inspired by a photo the client took while over there on their 10th wedding anniversary.

This is one thing Jeff loves to do, to personalize the work so it has meaning for the owners.